Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.

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Benefits to the government:

Government is also going to benefit hugely in terms of boost in revenue collection. It is expected that there would be huge collections in revenues.The cost entire project will be borne by MWBIE. Government of Maharashtra does not have to invest anything. Right from cost of buying the land and its development will be borne by MWBIE. MWBIE only expects some facilities and concessions from the state government, which are mentioned at relevant places. In return, the state government is likely to see reasonable hike in collection of revenue.

Further, since this project would reduce the pressure on local forest, the government can concentrate more on increasing the forest cover in the state.

Speaking of other specific benefits, attention is drawn towards increasing traffic congestion in Mumbai. Once the wood based industrialestate is established, the pressure on Mumbai port and Mulund Container Yard is going to ease by remarkable levels. Trucks will not be required to enter Mumbai as traders can procure their requirements without having to visit Mumbai. People traveling to Mumbai for employment opportunities will get the jobs in the nearbyvicinity.


Benefits to the society:

Direct benefits to the public will be in terms of generation of employment opportunities. Public can expect better standard of living. People living in nearby areas will not be expected to undergo such trauma of traveling everyday.

Migration of labour to nearby states, especially of tribal and local population can be arrested. This is a socio-economic problem. The site is located in one of the most backward districts having poor population. If enough job opportunities are available locally, these people will not be required to leave the land of their forefathers. The generation of employment opportunities by the proposed project will be of great relief to the local population.

Benefits to the Environment:

Use of alternate timber will greatly ease pressure on local forests. After formation of this industrial estate, existing saw mills will face increased competition and hence it is expected that some of the existing saw mills may eventually shut down their businesses, thus further reducing the pressure on local forests.

Further, timber industry is mainly pollution free industry. Hence adverse effect, in terms of pollution, is negligible.

Benefits to the industry:

Industry is going to benefit certainly. Easy availability of raw material and easy access to the markets are some of the majorfactors. The industry will be in better position to compete. It can access the export market and exploit the opportunities available overseas.