Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.

Future Goal

Now that necessary forest clearances are in place. We request the government of Maharashtra to approve our project and forward the same to the Industrial Department, with the recommendation that it should take up the matter further and appropriately notify the proposed project as the Industrial Estate for Wood Based Industry, as per the prevailing norms.


It is the purview of the Industrial Department to decide upon the internal layout of the project and other relevant modalities. This work will start once the project is put up before the Industrial Department. A relevant recommendation and instruction from Forest Department to the Industrial Department is necessary.

Once the Industrial Estate is declared, individual units established within the estate, will have to approach the forest department and obtain necessary clearances. They will also have to obtain the necessary approval from the SLC, as per the prevailing norms. MWBIE is more than ready to act as nodal agency between the individual units and the forest department/SLC with the aim to facilitate the legal compliance workon regular day to day basis.

In this way, when the project gets executed, the forest department will fulfill its control and monitoring obligation, under the law.