Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.

Government Support

The steps taken by the government of Maharashtra will be one of the major stimulants to the growth of timber industry. It will also serve as a positive step and act as a pointer to the direction towards which the government of Maharashtra’s vision in promoting the state and encourage new entrepreneurs to setup their business in the state. It will stop the flight of capital away from the state of Maharashtra to otherstates.


We request the state government to provide basic infrastructural facilities like Road, Electricity & Water.

We also request the state government to extend maximum facilities and benefits, in terms of tax benefits, electricity benefits, subsidy and other infrastructure benefits to the businesses setup in the estate.

We request the government to keep reasonable and affordable license fees for forest licenses. We request that the level of license fees should be lower than the fees charged by the neighboring states.