Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.



      1. Timber Estate is viewed as a place where the units dealing in timber can be placed nearby to each other wherein all basic infrastructural facilities are made available to them.
      2. No illegal timber/wood would be able to enter thisestate.
      3. The monitoring authorities should be able to govern the estate vis-a-vis timber from the central location. The system should be such that the illegal timber entering the estate can be detected immediately.
      4. The estate would have dedicated entry and exit points from which all timber would be routed. The entry and exit points would be regulated and monitored by forest officials. The entire area will be secured by wire fencing from all sides. We propose to make available necessary office space for use of forest officials to perform their official duties. Further the entry and exit points will be covered by CC TV monitoring.
      5. To ensure smooth functioning of the estate and ensure ease of carrying on the operations of the estate, MWBIE would act as a Nodal Agency between the businesses established within the estate and with the government.
      6. The industrial estate should also aim to support the industry in terms of ensuring that timber business does not have to shift to the other states. Ease of availability of alternative (i.e., imported) timber should so that it would reduce the pressure on local forest.
      7. The industrial estate will attract businesses from other states too. The ease of supply of raw material, proximity to nearby markets will ensure that this estate turns into a major hub of activity. Thus, leading to easy ease of availability of resources for new businesses.
      8. There are very few plywood factories in the state. Majority of plywood consumed comes from out of the state. Further, there is no factory manufacturing high quality plywood from imported timber, because of non-availability of license. This industrial estate will be very attractive for all such organisations wanting to setup factories in the state. Thus, attracting businesses from other states too.

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