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Other States

Some of the states have already established timber estate. States like Gujarat, Orissa, Jammu Kashmir, West Bengal etc., have the system in place and are reaping the benefits of the same.


Kandla, in Gujarat, has hundreds timber processing units within the imported timber estate. It is the only place, other than Mumbai where majority of timber is imported. Whereas, the share of timber imports at Mumbai port in declining.

Following table displaying the comparison of imports in these two states, highlight the decline of business in Maharashtra and spectacular growth in Gujarat state. Between 2001-02 and 2014-15, imports in Maharashtra have seen a drop of 40%, whereas Gujarat has seen a growth of almost 200%.

Qty* of Imported Timber landed at: Qty in Cubic Meters (CBM)

Place Year-> 2001-02 2014-15 Diff % + / –
Mumbai Port : 2.47 1.49 (-) 39.68% Decrease
Kandla Port : 13.40 39.52 (+) 194.93% Increase

* figures in lakhs

Further, the above figures indicate that there is tremendous potential for growth of business in Maharashtra.

States of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have very relaxed laws vis-a-vis imported timber.

The movement of imported timber does not require any transit pass within the state of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Also, the timber once cut into sizes, also does not require any transit pass. This has been one of the stimulants to the growth of timber industry in these states. It has also become an effective step in conserving the forest resources becausepeople find dealing in imported timber to be very convenient than dealing in local timber.

The market for local timber has shrunk to a great extent because of these effective steps.

Maharashtra can certainly take out a leaf from the experience of thesestates and save its precious forests.