Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.


The need for conservation of forests & environment protection has been recognized globally. It is being given utmost & perennial importance by the Government of India, the Supreme Court, other governing authorities and the public in general. The awareness amongst the public vis-a-vis the ecology has never been so high.

Today, the timber industry is highly regulated, and rules are thoroughly enforced by all governing authorities. On the other hand, use of Imported Timber is highly promoted by Central government and has eased the of import by classifying it under OGL (Open General License) category.




The timber industry in Maharashtra is scattered throughout the entire state. The units are geographically located at distant places making the task of monitoring authorities difficult.


A reference to the National Forest Policy, 1988 is in evitable in the present context. The National ForestPolicy, 1988 promotes the use of imported timber as substitute for local timber.