Khanivali & Ambiste (Bk.)
Tal. Wada, Dist.Palghar.


MWBIE expects that about 400 timber processing units comprising of saw mills, furniture units, plywood units etc. will be operational and would be generatingrevenues. Such units will generate substantial direct employment opportunities. Indirect employment generation like transports, engineering, repairs and maintenance works, packing industries, service industries like consultants etc., will be in addition and in substantial numbers as well.
Expected Direct and Indirect employment opportunities generation
Saw Mills Units(1 Hori. + 1 Vert.) 250 15 pers 3,750
Plywood/Veneer/Block Board/Flush Door etc. 50 80 pers 4,000
Furniture 100 50 pers 5,000
Total direct employment generation: 12,750
Indirect employment generation: 8,000
Total employment generation: 20,750
As far as revenue generation for the government and local authorities is concerned, we expect thefollowing;

a) State level GST collections:
Estimated Annual Turnover (T/o.) of the estate (i.e., Industrial Estate)
Present t/o. at Kandla - Gujarat:
For FY 2015-16
Imports in CBM (approx) 35,00,000 (35 Lakhs)
Units in the estate (approx) 750
T/o. per unit: 4,667 CBM
For Mumbai - Maharashtra:
Expected units in the estate 400
T/o. per unit in CBM: 4,000 approx
(based on Kandla Estate's figure)
Annual T/o. of Estate in CBM [A] 16,00,000 CBM
2 Average price per CBM:
Low Cost - Pine Wood Rs. 17,500
Medium – Hard wood Rs. 28,000
Low Cost – Teak Wood Rs. 32,000
High Cost – Teak Wood Rs. 98,000
Price per CBM - At Mumbai (Conservative Basis) [ B] Rs. 25,000 Approx
Expected T/o. in Rupees (T/o x Avg Price) (A]16 Lakhs x [B]25 thousand 40,00,00,00,000
i.e., 4,000 Crores
3 GST rate 18% 7,20,00,00,000
i.e., 720 crores
Estimated GST per year: 720 crores
b) Customs duty:
Estimated Custom Duty:
Estimated T/o. 4,000 crores
Duty Rate 5.50%
Estimated Custom Duty: 220 crores
c) Income tax and other levies at around Rs. 10 to 20crores